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Program Name:         
Norwegian Shipowners’ Association (NSA) Philippines Cadet Program

Norwegian Shipowners’ Association (NSA) under the Association of Shipowners Training & Education Project (ASO – ATEP)

Main Objectives:

  • To enhance the quality of Maritime Education in the Philippines;
  • To promote competence among Filipino Cadets as future maritime officers for NIS or NIS controlled fleets;
  • To prove that Filipino Cadets can become highly competitive seafarers in the International maritime market.

Maritime Schools:

  • Philippine Merchant Marine Academy – San Narciso, Zambales
  • Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific – Mariveles, Bataan
  • John B Lacson Foundation Maritime University – Molo and Arevalo Iloilo City
  • University of Cebu Maritime Education and Training Center – Mambaling, Cebu City
  • John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation – Bacolod City
  • DMMA College of Southern Philippines – Buhangin, Davao City

Class Selection: (Per School Year)

  • 25 Cadets per class (Nautical)
  • 25 Cadets per class (Engineering)
  • Average of 50 Cadets per School

Support Level:

Scholarship Program

  • Free Upgrading Courses and Training;
  • Supports Improvement of teaching methods to faculty and staff;
  • Donation of technical equipments and materials;
  • Faculty Development Program;
  • Cadet Monitoring System; Performance evaluation and assessment;
  • Character and Discipline Formation.

Criteria to become Scholar

  • High school graduate/ College undergraduate
  • Not older than 22 years old upon enrollment
  • Impressive high school grades
  • At least 5’4” (163 cm) in height
  • Must pass the NSA written examination
  • Must pass an Ability Profile Test (APRO test)
  • Must pass an oral interview
  • Must be physically fit as certified by a recognized NMD Doctor/Hospital
  • Must submit Parental or Guardian consent
  • Must conform and adhere to the NSA Philippines Cadet Program Contract

Role of Hiring Principals:

  • Subsidized Basic Safety Training w/PSSR course per hired cadet
  • Full training fee per cadet; Standard employment contract for nautical and engineering cadet position for first sea period (medical exams, basic salary, misc. incentives as per CBA)
  • To provide additional maritime training courses for hired cadets (nautical and engineering) depending on company requirement
  • Support cadet with relevant training and practical learning while on-board ships under the close supervision of the assigned ship officer (STCW 95 Section A-I/6 as requirements for on-board training officers, assessors, etc.)
  • Direct cadet program planning under own company policies and regulations that may include optional consideration of giving stipends or financial support to deserving NSA cadet based on their academic and sea-service performance
  • Continuous monitoring and/or evaluation of cadet performance while on sea-service training (STCW 95 Section A-I/6) or during remaining academic years or after graduation and acquisition of professional licenses
  • Develop potentials of the cadet through career planning that may include upgrading of positions and/or promotions, etc.

Role of Local Manning Agencies:

  • Coordination works with NSA project regarding reporting routine, schedules and embarkation procedures for lined-up cadets
  • Arrange for the assigned cadet processing of required travel and embarkation papers
  • In-charge of communicating with selected NSA cadet that shall include other additional training schedules as required by respective principals/Shipowners (i.e., tanker courses, induction training, etc.)
  • Continuous coordination with NSA Project coordinators in the respective participating maritime academies for proper cadet monitoring to include embarkation and disembarkation requirements of hired NSA cadets.